• Higher rates may apply for holidays and special events
  • A valid credit card with photo I.D. is required at check-in
  • Checks are not accepted
  • FEMA approved property
  • An early departure fee of $50.00 will be imposed upon all guests checking out prior to their confirmed departure date
  • Higher rates may apply for holidays and special events
  • 24-hour cancellation fee
  • A $200.00 fee per day will be charged for the smoking in a non-smoking room
  • $4.50 mandatory daily surcharge
  • Proof of age may be required at check-in
  • Pets not accepted

Package Delivery Charges

  • 2-10 Packages (boxes) - $50.00 + 6.5% tax
  • 10 Packages (boxes) or more is an additional $10.00 + 6.5% tax PER Box
  • As a convenience to our guest, the Hotel will accept packages for our guest at an additional charge. Due to the limited storage, the Hotel has established receiving package prices.
  • The Hotel does not accept liability for services or claims for loss or damaged goods. The Hotel reserves the right to reject the delivery of certain items. Examples; but not limited to large or heavy packages, live animals, fuel, perishable goods, weapons or anything that is prohibited by law.
  • Packages arriving 10 days prior to the Guest arrival date may be subject to additional charges.